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Atlanta Plastic Machinery is your source for the quality Used Plastic Equipment on the market. Please review our available equipment and let us know how we can assist you in meeting your plastic manufacturing needs.

-Recently Added Equipment- December 1st, 2018.

• Sterling Rebuilt to “Like New” 54″ Sheet Extrusion Line With 3.5″ NRM Extruder, and 54″ W X 16″ D Three Roll Cooling and Polishing Sheet Stack

• Conair GATTO 4″ X 20″ Belt Puller/ Refurbished to Like New Condition / 4 Speed Gear Box / 176, 232, 388 & 648 FPM• Killion 3 Roll Lab Sheet Stack / 10″W X 8″D Chrome Rolls / Includes Rubber Pull Rolls / 10″W X 6.5″ D

* MULTIPLAS 160 Ton Vertical Shuttle Injection Molding Machine / Mfg. 2008.   Machine Was Over Molding Golf Balls.

• Conair TB45-4 Gravimetric Blender With Conair MDCW25 High Heat Material Dryer Combination.  Blender Is Mounted Above Dryer and Discharges Directly Into Drying Hopper Of MDCW25.  Rarely Used!  Manufactured In 2013.  Excellent Condition!

• TRIA 5 HP / 16″ X 8″ Beside The Press Granulator  / Sound Proof /  Manufactured 2011

• Davis Standard 4.5″ Refurbished Extruder Gear Box

• Akron .75″ 24:1 Extruder

• Sterling 2″ 30:1 Extruder

• Killion 1.5″ 34:1 Refurbished Extruder With 3 Screws Included.

Conair-Gatto Refurbished Traveling Saw

• Killion 3″ Wide Belt Puller

• WELEX Rebuilt To New 2.5″ 24:1 Air Cooled Extruder

• HPM 2.5″ 24:1 Air Cooled Extruder 

Killion 2″ 24:1 Air Cooled Extruder, 3 Barrel Zones, 2 Die Zones, GP Screw, 25 HP Drive & Controller

Wayne Cast Film Line Including a 1″ 24:1 Wayne Extruder, New Sheet Die For .5mil to 3mil Thickness Material,  Casting Unit With a Chill Roll Size Of 6″D X 8.5″ W & Film Take Off.

• GALA SLC5 LPU Lab Self Contained Pelletizer System Includes Water System, Pellet Dryer, Water Reservoir & Nordson 2.5″ Vertical Screen Changer With Diverter Valve. Up To 150 PPH Depending On Material. / Manufactured 2013.

• Scheer Bay Strand Pelletizer.  Manufactured 2000.  Model SGS 200E. Cemented Carbide Tipped 32 Tooth Rotor. 15 HP Motor. Carbide Tipped Bed Knifes.  Rotor Width 7.8″.  Spare Roto Included.

•  Wayne Lab Blown Film Tower, Die, Air Ring & Winder With Optional Parkinson Winder (View In Wayne Lab Extrusion Product Category) 

• HPM Rebuilt To New 18″ X 65″ 3 Roll Cooling & Polishing Stack With Conveyor & Haul Off

• Nissei Two 44 Ton Injection Molding Machines, 1999, Two Available

• Toshiba 150 Ton Injection Molding Machines, 1993, 1995, 2000, 3 Available

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Van Dorn DEMAG IntElect 110 Ton All Electric Molding Machine

Van Dorn DEMAG IntElect 110 Ton All Electric Molding Machine

NRM 3.5" 30:1 Extruders Rebuilt To New Condition

NRM 3.5″ 30:1 Extruders Rebuilt To New Condition

New 24" X 78" HDPE Sheet Cooling & Polishing Stack

New 24″ X 78″ HDPE Sheet Cooling & Polishing Stack

Rebuilt To New 3" Davis Standard Extruder

Davis Standard 75MM Extruder Rebuilt To New Condition With Grooved Feed Section

Strand Pelletizers

                    Strand Pelletizers

Material Blenders Up To 4 Components

       Weigh Blenders

EPS & PE Foam Extrusion Lines

ESP Foam Extrusion Lines

Blown Film Sheeting Line

                Blown Film Lines

Conair WORTEX Granulator

Conair Wortex Rebuilt LP 400 Granulator With 9 Segment Blade Rotor & 16″ X 10″ Cutting Chamber.

Conair TRUBLEND Gravimetric Blender Discharging Into Conair MDCW25  High Heart Material Dryer. Mfg. 2013


Quality Used & Refurbished Equipment For The Plastics Industry For Over 45 Years.


Extrusion / Including The Following

Cast / Sheet / Foam / Blown Film /  Profile

Injection Molding

Auxiliary Support Equipment

Blown Film

Film Converting

Pelletizing Lines

Rebuilt Extruders & Down Stream Profile Equipment With Warranty

Husky HYLETRIC 600 Ton Injection Molding Machine With Carrier Arm For Stack Molding Applications 

TRIA 16″ X 8″ Beside The Press Granulator / 5HP. / Sound Proof 

Mfg. 2011