HPM 2.5″ / 30:1 Rebuild In Process Extruder



• HPM 2.5″ 30:1 Rebuilt To New Extruder

-Please Note: Extruder Is In The Rebuild Process

-Projected Completion Date 1-30-21

APM # 101RBF

Model No. 2.5

Serial No. 00155

Manufacture Date 11/2000

Gear Box Ratio 14:1

Machine Geared for 100 RPM

Barrel in Excellent Condition.

Screw- New Barrier.

Five Barrel Zones.

Four Die Zones.

Eurotherm 2208 Controllers.

Melt Temperature.

Head Pressure with Rupture Disc.

Note* 48” Center Line Mounted on Casters.

50 HP. AC Motor and Drive.

480 Volt