HPM Rebuilt 2.5″ / 24:1 Extruder



• HPM 2 1/2” 24:1 Rebuilt Extruder

APM # 100RBF

Model 2.5 TMP

Serial No. 97107

Date 4/1/97

Rebuilt Gearbox.

14.1 Gear Ratio.

New Belts and Pulleys.

Set up for 100 RPM on Screw.

New Barrel.

New Styrene Screw.

New Cast Finn Heaters with Shrouds.

New Wiring with thermocouples.

New Control Panel.

Four Barrel Zones Three Die Zones with RKC Dual Display Controllers.

Amp Meters on Each Zone with individual shut off.

R.P.M. Meter, Amp Meter 10 Turn Speed Pot.

Melt Temperature.

Pressure Gauge.

Rupture Disc.

New 40 HP. AC Motor and Drive.

New Hopper.

New Guards.

480 Volts