ª Sterling Rebuilt To New 54″ Sheet Extrusion Line With NRM 3.5″ Extruder


  • Rebuilt To New 16’’ x 54’’ Sheet Line For Down-Stack Extrusion

-Includes The Following / Rebuilt Equipment With Limited Warranty

• Rebuilt 3 ½’’ NRM Pacemaker 70 PM 24:1 Extruder
-Items included for Rebuilding
Install air cooled barrel heaters.
New Blowers.
New wiring on barrel.
Cleaned control panel and go thru all wiring.
5 Barrel Zones 4 Die Zones with Extech Dual Display 48VTR Controllers.
Gearbox ratio 17.4.1.
Barrel in good condition with Poly Screw.
Adapter & Clamp on front of Machine.
New seals in gearbox.
75 H.P. D.C. Motor and Drive By Safetronic.
Magnet Drawer with Hopper.
Replace guards as needed.
Clean and Paint NRM Green and Black.
Label Machine.
Included with Machine: Mould-Tek Model GXB 4 Component Weigh Scale Blender.

-Adapter From Extruder To Sheet Die, Die Cart & Tracks
54’’ Sheet Die For 0-6MM Sheet
Die Opening To Extruder Up To 0-6MM Of Material
Die Cart and Tracks

• Rebuilt: Sterling 16’’ x 54’’ Sheet Stack For Down-Stack Extrusion

A. Disassemble Machine Complete Strip And Primer.
B. Refinish All Three 16’’x 54’’ Polish Rolls, 2 With 4 RMS Chrome Finish.
C. Install New Bearings On Rolls.
D. Install 6 New Rotary Unions.
E. Build New 3 Zone Free Standing Temp Control Unit For Roll Heating And Cooling.
F. Check All Sprockets And Chain On Roll Drive System. Replace If Needed.
G. 5 H.P. Hydraulic Power Pack For Roll Opening And Closing.
H. New 5 H.P. A.C. Motors And Drives.
I.  New Gear Box Rated For 50 FPM Speed
J. New 12’ Cooling Bed With Rollers.
K. New Control Panel Mounted On Cooling Bed.
L. Control Panel To Have Rolls Open And Close On Top And Bottom.
-Open And Close On Pull Rolls.
-RPM & AMP Meters For Polish And Pull Rolls.
-E-Stop Button.
-10 Turn Speed Pot For Polish Roll And Pull Roll.
-Traverse Switch To Move Line Forward And Reverse.
-Machine To Be Wired 480 Volt With 110 Control Circuit.
M Replace As Needed All Safety Guards
N. Label And Paint
• 54’’x 6’’  Rebuilt To New Pull Roll Assembly:
A. Disassemble Complete To Frame. Strip And Primer.
B. Strip And Recover Both Pull Rolls.
C. Install New Bearings On Shafts.
D. Rebuild Air Cylinders Or Replace All New Lines.
E. All New Wiring And Switches.
F. New 5 H.P. A.C. Motors And Drive.
G. Check All Guards Replace As Needed.
H. Label And Paint.
• Material Shear
A. Rebuilt 54’’ WYSONG Shear