Below are some of our most Frequently Asked Questions:

Q:  If I am replacing an older machine, what do I do with it ?
A:  If the machine has a resale value, Atlanta Plastic Machinery will attempt to sell the press for you.  If not, it is the customers responsibility to remove and dispose of used plastic manufacturing equipment.

Q:  What is the advantage to purchasing used equipment ?
A:  In most cases quality used plastic manufacturing equipment can be purchased at 30-60% of the cost of new.  This is a major concern when manufacturing costs are a factor and the payback on new equipment will not justify purchasing.

Q:  Is purchasing used equipment risky ?
A:  All equipment sold by Atlanta Plastic Machinery is in running condition at the time of removal.  It is strongly recommended that a visit to inspect the used plastic manufacturing equipment while it is running should be considered.

Q:  Are warranties included in the purchase of used equipment ?
A:  Unless otherwise stated, all used plastic manufacturing equipment is sold As Is Where Is and no warranties are implied.  As with any used equipment purchase there are some cases where due to unforeseen circumstances (trucking, handling) equipment may be damaged and will not run.  This is the responsibility of the buyer to contact the appropriate insurance companies to cover the damage.

Q:  Is startup assistance available ?
A:  Start up assistance is available through the original plastic manufacturing equipment manufacturer and 3rd party service groups that Atlanta Plastic Machinery is associated with.

Q:  Are instruction manuals available ?
A:  In most cases, if the original owner has the manuals they will be shipped with the machine.  If not, they are available from the original equipment manufacturer.

Q:  Who arranges shipping of the equipment ?
A:  Atlanta Plastic Machinery can arrange the shipping of used plastic manufacturing equipment to our customers plant.  Cost of freight is not included in the sale price of the equipment and will be billed directly to our customer or may be added to the sale price of the machinery.

Q:  The mechanical components of the machine are fine, but I need an upgrade to the control technology.
A:  Control upgrades are usually available through the original equipment manufacturer.  There are also 3rd party companies that may offer competitive upgrades and can be quoted through Atlanta Plastic Machinery .